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Novaya Zemlya
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Snowmobile safari "White Silence"

(4 days / 3 nights)
In this fantastic safari, you will have the opportunity to see the Khibiny, Lovozero and the Polar Tundra, the rocky labyrinths on northern coast and at the end of the safari you will meet the unfrozen Barents Sea.
This snowmobile safari is one day shorter than the "White silence plus " safari. See: >> KTSS24.
Snowmobile safaris to Barents Sea on Kola Peninsula. Northwest Russia Snowmobile safaris to Barents Sea on Kola Peninsula. Northwest Russia Snowmobile safaris to Barents Sea on Kola Peninsula. Northwest Russia Snowmobile safaris to Barents Sea on Kola Peninsula. Northwest Russia Snowmobile safaris to Barents Sea on Kola Peninsula. Northwest Russia Snowmobile safaris to Barents Sea on Kola Peninsula. Northwest Russia
Program snowmobile tour:
Day 1. Meeting at the railway station Apatity or at a hotel at 09.00. Transfer to the café to have breakfast. Then to start point of the tour. Changing clothes and start to drive to Khibiny mountains to direction of a mountain hotel. Check in. Lunch. After lunch a snowmobiling tour in surrounding of the hotel. Dinner in evening. Overnight in the hotel.
Daily distance: 60 km
Wilderness hotel in Khibiny Mountains; "Kuelporr"
Good isolated small hotel in centre of Khibiny Mountains
Dining room
Sleeping rooms up to 6 pers. Has also twin bed rooms.
Douche and  toilet in hotel. Sauna with ice-hole in river!
Day 2. Breakfast. Start to drive by a snowmobile to Umbozero lake. Wilderness lunch at a campfire. After lunch we have a speed snowmobiling on the lake ice and via lake system and frozen swamps, and via forest area up to Lovozero lake. Overnight in a private house in 2- 4 person rooms. Dinner. Overnight.
Daily distance: 190 km
Guesthouse on Lovozero Lake
Wooden architecture
Dining room
Sleeping room
Sauna, douche and toilet

Day 3. Breakfast at 09.30. Start to drive by a snowmobile to the North direction via virgin landscape of Kola Peninsula. Wilderness lunch at a campfire. In the end of the day we come out to the Barents Sea shore. For overnight we come back to the fishing house. Dinner. Overnight in rooms for 2 – 4 persons. Sauna. Toilet is outside. Daily distance: 120 km

Day 4. Breakfast at 08.30. Watching a left village named Rynda in the mouth of a river. Driving snowmobiles on the Barents Sea shore. Via rock labyrinth we reach village named Tumany (Foggy). Wilderness lunch on the way. Finish point of the tour. Transfer by bus to Murmansk city. Daily distance: 70 km
Snowmobile tours details:
1 night in two or more person room with facilities in room or in corridor in economy class mountain hotel
2 nights in two or more person room with facilities in corridor in a guest house close to Lovozero.
Experience in snowmobiling is a pre.
Group size:
min 6 persons and max 8 persons
4 days / 3 nights
From January to April. Request for available dates.
Tour includes:
Snowmobile rental including fuel, thermal clothes, boots, gloves and guide service
Passport must be valid at least 6 months after date of return. A visa is required. We handle the tourist invitation.
This snowmobiles safari can be combined with:
* Visit to the Snow Village in Kirovsk, with beautiful ice and snow sculptures
* Visit to a Reindeer fold, feed reindeers and make photographs.
* City excursions in Kirovsk, Apatity and other cities.
* Alpine skying on the slopes of Kirovsk.
* We can take care about other entrance tickets, transfers and hotel bookings.
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2,5 hours
3-4 hours
3-4 hours
4-5 hours
4-5 hours
5 hours
5-6 hours
Daily from 15/11 - 15/05
Daily from 15/11 - 15/05
Daily from 15/11 - 15/05
Daily from 15/11 - 15/05
Daily from 15/11 - 15/05
Daily from 15/11 - 15/05
Daily from 15/11 - 15/05


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2 d / 1 n
3 d / 2 n
6 d / 5 n
6 d / 5 n
6 d / 5 n
5 d / 4 n
6 d / 5 n
Daily from 26.12 until 04.04.2016
Fortnightly from 15.01 until 08.04.2016
31.01-05.02; 14-19.02; 14-19.03.2016
06-11.02; 20-25.02; 03-08.04.2016
10-15.02; 27.03-1.04
24-28.02; 14–18.03; 18–22.04.2016
17–21.01; 21–25.02; 06-10.03; 11–15.04.2016
Any other dates on request


Additional Information:
For questions or more information click >> info@kolatavel.com

All tours include: rent of snowmobile, petrol, full equipment (overalls, helmet, balaclava, boots, gloves) and snowmobile guide/instructor.
Remark: The tour program can be changed depend on the weather condition.
Before driving, the participants select the necessary equipment - overalls, helmets, shoes etc. After that participants are instructed for avalanche safety and a short course of driving a snowmobile. During the training sessions the instructor sits behind the pupil, controlling the movement in the test drive.

After dressing and instructions, which can take about 30-50 minutes (depending of group size), the tour starts. The participants drive in colonna behind the snowmobile instructor and keep a distance between the snowmobile in front of , the distance between any snowmobiles from 25 to 100m. While driving participants can make stops to explore the surroundings or for photography.

Basic rules of snowmobiling:
  • Driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is prohibited.
  • Overtaking other snowmobiles, driving off-track and not keeping distance between snowmobiles is not allowed.
  • Ruling a snowmobile under 16 years old is not permitted
  • Driving a snowmobile without a helmet is prohibited.
  • Chasing wildlife by snowmobile is expressly prohibited.
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