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The Kola Peninsula is beautiful and filled with miracles.

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Arctic Expedition'16
Novaya Zemlya
Franz Josef Land

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It is a simple matter to book a tour with Kola Travel. Just send us the completed reservation form to one of the following addresses: e-mail: info@kolatravel.com, fax: +31 842 227 380, or fax(gsm): +7 921 289 9811.

The rest is our responsibility.


If you do not wish to visit the Russian Consulate yourself to obtain a visa, we will request a tour agent in your country (our partner) to contact you, and arrange and obtain your Russian visa for you. If you prefer to obtain the visa yourself, we will send you the necessary documentation by fax and e-mail.
If you do not know how to travel to our region in the most convenient way, just indicate this in the "Additional" section of the reservation form, and we or our partner will provide you with the relevant information, and also book tickets and/or en-route accommodation for you if required.

It is easy to make payments with Kola Travel.
Please indicate your payment method preference in the "Additional" section of the reservation form and we will you provide you with the necessary instructions.
We operate according to the European booking system for the tourism industry. Please inform for our Payment Terms.

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