excursion petrozavodsk karelia museum ships onega lake City excursion in Petrozavodsk Railway station
excursion petrozavodsk karelia museum ships onega lake City excursion in Petrozavodsk Ship Museum Go back in Great Peter's time.
excursion petrozavodsk karelia museum ships onega lake City excursion in Petrozavodsk stroll along the boulevard of Lake Onega.
excursion petrozavodsk karelia museum ships onega lake City excursion in Petrozavodsk art sculptures met on the shores of Lake Onega

Excursions in historical city Petrozavodsk.

We offer interesting excursions in Peter the Great's city; Petrozavodsk. From a few hours with interesting subjects to one day excursions.

Petrozavodsk is one of the few cities where historic dwelling houses of XIX century, one of the most interesting periods of history, – have preserved up till now. Strolling through the historic center of Petrozavodsk always evokes memories of well-known Russian greats. Just to name a few like Lenin Square, Governor's Park with a monument to Gavrila Derzhavin who was the first governor of the Olonets province, Karl Marx avenue with the nick name "English street" since it was here where the workers of the local factory lived, who came here together with the Scotsman Charles Gascoigne. Kirov Square is the cultural and historical center of Petrozavodsk with a monument of Sergei Kirov. His real name was Sergei Kostrikov and he was a politician of soviet time. Three theatres and two museums are located on this square.

On the Embankment along the Onega Lake is a monument of Peter the Great. Peter the Great was the Russian Tsar and the founder of Petrozavodsk (1703). The Embankment is like an open-air museum: there are sculptures presented by Petrozavodsk’s sister cities from different countries. From the Lake station of the Embankment leave every day hydrofoils for excursions to the famous island of Kizhi in summer time.

Square Sovyetskaya is the administrative center of Petrozavodsk. It is recognizable by the monument of Kuusinen, who was a Soviet Finnish politician. The City Hall, as well as a Wedding Palace, is rightfully considered as one of the most beautiful buildings in Northwest Russia.

You can see the most interesting places and streets and listen to the historical and cultural facts about Petrozavodsk. Visit museums including the Museum of replicas of old ships, and the Smithy with showing blacksmith’s work. The historic quarter represents the particular designs of that time with preservation of historically developed situation are considered.
Duration of the excursion: From 1 hour to one day.
You will get acquainted with the peculiarities of street layout and wooden architecture of the provincial Russian town. You get an idea of the historical appearance of Petrozavodsk hundred years ago, about the life of the citizens of that time, their occupations, their leisure. The "Old Town" is adjacent to the waterfront of Lake Onega, where you are be able to walk independently after the excursion.
Duration of the excursion: 45 minutes.
We will go through the historic center of Petrozavodsk: Lenin Square and Governor's Park, the avenue of Karl Marx and Kirov Square. Then we go down to the Onega Lake Embankment, where we are met by a monument of Peter the Great. The embankment shows many sculptures and arts presented by the twin-cities of Petrozavodsk. Further we get on the square Sovyetskaya, the administrative center of the city with the City Hall and Wedding Palace.
Duration of the excursion: 2 hours.
It shows exhibitions on the historical and cultural heritage of the region andtake you back in time. From the proceeds of archaeological excavations to interiors of the past and the related tools, decorations and personal belongings. Furthermore, it shows a wooden model of the Kizhi ensemble as well as the works of famous Karelian artists and masters of arts and crafts.
Duration of the excursion: 1 hour 30 minutes.

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