Hiking Monche tundra Kola Peninsula Polar hiking tours in Monche Tundra 7 days pure nature.
Hiking Monche tundra Kola Peninsula Hiking in Monche Tundra guided hiking tour!
Hiking Monche tundra Kola Peninsula Monche Tundra Virgin forests
Hiking Monche tundra Kola Peninsula Kola Travel hiking tours Magnificent mountains
Hiking Monche tundra Kola Peninsula Monche Tundra Fantastic views
Hiking Monche tundra Kola Peninsula Monche Tundra Taste pure nature of Kola Peninsula

Hiking tour in Monche Mountains

Monche Tundra is part of the Laplandsky Nature Reserve. This territory was allocated for the major purpose; preservation and restoration of a livestock of wild reindeers on the Kola Peninsula.

Monche Tundra has many highlights old virgin pine and spruce forests (400-500 years), a valley where nature is like Japan banzai gardens, the beautiful waterfall Ebr-chorr is falling into a stone cup on the palms of Lapland and in the ravines are nests of the rare Nordic bird, the 'gyrfalcon' having its territory in the fells.

Experience this all during a four days hiking tour in Monche Tundra. Before and after the tour you will stay in a good hotel in Monchegorsk.

Hiking tour in Monche Mountains itinerary:

Day 1, Sunday: Arrive in Monchegorsk. Hotel check-in upon arrival. Guide will come to the hotel in the evening to meet you and check equipment. Dinner in a restaurant. Overnight at the hotel.

Day 2, Monday: Breakfast at the hotel. Transfer to start point in mountain. From there hike to the pass through the mass-mountain of the Monche tundra ridge. From a top of the pass proceed down on a path to the west slopes of Monche tundra and the Vite River’s valley and make camp. Distance of hike: 8 km.

Day 3, Tuesday: Hike along the west bank of the Seidjavr Lake through the virgin pine and spruce forests which age is 400-500 years old. If we are lucky we can see elks, bears, fox or reindeers. It’s possible to fish in the rivers. Cross the Vite River and proceed to the Seidjavr Lake. Make camp. Distance of hike: 4 km.

Day 4, Wednesday: Leave rucksacks in camp and walk light to the Pingkyauranch Lake. The nature there is like Japan banzai gardens where mountain and forest landscape are shown in miniature. There are really special trees on a bank of the lake whose water has unusual light-green colour. Proceed the beautiful river delta. Distance of hike: 15 km.

Day 5, Thursday: Hike to the valley Lemkorr and climb up to the second high peak on the Kola Peninsula - 1114 above the sea level. From the very top a breathtaking view opens to blue forests with pearls of lakes and shining fillets of rivers: all fairy-tale Lapland is on your palm! Distance of hike: 12 km.

Day 6, Friday: Cross the Vite River and proceed up to the mountain ridge of Monche tundra. Stop to look round the waterfall Devichyi Kosi (Girl’s plaits). Continue the route to the beginning of a tectonic cleft, where snow is kept until the end of Summer, and walk down to the foot of Monche tundra. From there transfer to Monchegorsk. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 7, Saturday: Breakfast at the hotel. Departure.

Hiking tour in Monche Mountains

  • 2 nights in twin rooms with shower/toilet in Monchegorsk hotel
  • 4 nights in tents in wild nature
Level:Experiences in hiking in stony areas. Good physical condition and capabilities to carry rucksack (approximately 17 kg).
Group size:2 - 11 persons (international participation is possible)
Duration:7 days
Dates: Every first and third week in month June until September. Other weeks on request.
Price: Prices on request.
Price includes: Accommodation (breakfast included), hiking tour according to the program, transfers, three meals a day during the hiking tour, 2 restaurant dinners, visa invitation, guide and interpreting services, medical insurance which includes helicopter evacuation (in emergency case)
Documents: 护照必须在退货日期后至少6个月内有效。 需要签证。 我们处理的旅游邀请。中国公民不需要通过我们的旅游公司旅行的俄罗斯签证。
Insurance: 参与者必须拥有至少涵盖俄罗斯联邦欧洲部分的医疗保险。
This hiking tour in Monche Mountains can be extended with the following optionals:
  • Rental of light weight 2-persons tents (2,5 kg) packed in 2 bags: EUR 7,--/day
  • Monchegorsk:
    • Entrance tickets museums: approx. 50 roubles per person
    • 2 hour yacht excursion on the biggest lake of Kola peninsula named Imandra. Up to 8 persons.
    • One day hiking tour to the waterfall Devichyi Kosi (Girl's plaits) in Monche Tundra with campfire lunch.
    • One day bicycling tour in hilly area with campfire lunch.
    • Karting centre in Monchegorsk.
    • Cross-country skiing in Monchegorsk suburbs (winter).
    • Skating in Ice stadion in Monchegorsk (winter).
    • See link above for more info.
  • Train/plane/bus tickets in or outside Russian Federation.
  • Transfers from/to KuusamoIvalo/Rovaniemi and Kirkenes airports.

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