4x4 Camper/truck tour on Kola Peninsula in July

This is a call from Kola Travel and our customer to all 4x4 camper owners who want to explore Kola Peninsula off-road. The 4x4 part of the tour an English speaking guide with a Russian army truck will accompany the group. The whole tour is from the 2nd until the 20th of July 2017 (19 days). Places of stay are mostly on (improvised) camping’s.

We do have already participants, so the tour dates are guaranteed. The price is still flexible, because the more participants the cheaper the price for participation.

After visiting Murmansk you can leave Russia via to Norway (Kirkenes) on the way to the North Cape or to Finnish Lapland (Ivalo).

Please look at the extensive specifications in “Itinerary” and “Details”!

This way we make your trip to Kola Peninsula successful, pleasant, hassle-free, payable and unforgettable!

4x4 Camper/truck tour on Kola Peninsula in July itinerary

Day 1, 02.07.2017, Sunday: Salla - Kandalaksha (200 km - 3h) Entering Russia via the Border Crossing point Salla. Drive to Kandalaksha town on the shore of the White Sea. Arrival in Kandalaksha in the afternoon. Possibility to go for shopping for the next days. Overnight on a parking place of a motel just outside Kandalaksha. The parking has electricity and water supply and sewing system for draining toilets. This day is without guiding.
Asphalt: 200 km, Gravel: 0 km, Off-road: 0 km.

Day 2, 03.07.2017, Monday: Kandalaksha - Black River (140 km - 8h) An English speaking guide with Russian army truck picks you up at 9:00 AM and drive eastwards; Your Polar Off-road Adventure starts with a 5 km with a breath taking downhill drive to the White Sea shore. Short walk to an ancient stone Labyrinth. Drive along the White Sea coast. Lunch in forest. Short visit of Umba village and the mighty Umba river. Drive to Black River for staying the night on the White Sea shore (no facilities). In the evening possibility for making campfire.
Asphalt: 110 km, Gravel: 0 km, Off-road: 30 km (a mix of sandy-, forest- and muddy roads with water pools).

Day 3, 04.07.2017, Tuesday: Black River - Lodochny Ruchey (100 km - 8h) After breakfast continuing driving eastwards along the coast. We have to cross a river. Lunch on the way in wilderness. On the way passing by traditional Pomor villages. Possibility for sight-seeing. Continue to drive a picturesque coastal track to Lodochny Bay. Visit the Chapel of the Unknown Monk and an old Amethyst mine. Sauna, dinner and overnight on the camp site of Lodochny Ruchey. In the evening you can try your luck in finding your own lucky Amethyst stone or go for a swim in the White Sea.
Asphalt: 40 km, Gravel: 30 km, Off-road: 30 km (river crossing, stony-, forest- and muddy road with water pools).

Day 4, 05.07.2017, Wednesday: Round tour Today we make a round tour to the mouth of the Varzuga River – the easternmost point on the Kola Peninsula accessible by all terrain vehicles. It contains 15 km beach drving, 20 km sand roads through a sand plateau and dunes area. We visit the 17th century village of Kuzomen and Varzuga, the earliest settlement on the Tersky Coast with the wooden Uspenskaya Orthodox Church, constructed in 1674. Lunch in a dune area. Drive back to our cosy campsite Lodochny Ruchey for sauna, dinner and overnight. Possibility to drive more along the shore or forest tracks or to find Amethyst stones.
Asphalt: 0 km, Gravel: 25 km, Off-road: 50 km (mostly sandy roads).

Day 5, 06.07.2017, Thursday: Lodochny – Muna (170 km - 8h). Drive back to Umba via gravel and asphalted roads. Continue to drive northwards (off-road) in Kirovsk direction. We have to concur muddy, stony and sandy tracks and to cross several rivers. See wild nature, forests, crystal clear lakes, hills, swamps, sandy places. Wilderness overnight (no facilities). Gravel and asphalt: 130 km, off-road: 50 km.

Day 6, 07.07.2017, Friday: Muna – Inga (50 km – 6h). Continue to Kirovsk. The tracks are like day 17. Meet abended villages and a rich nature. Wilderness overnight in or beside Saami Sot house name “Vezha”. Possibility to sleep like the Saami; around the campfire.

Day 7, 08.07.2017, Saturday: Inga – Oktyabrsky (50km – 6h). We continue the forest road further northwards and on the horizon we can see the Khibiny Mountains. The tracks are like day 17 and 18. At noon we expect to be in a remote village, named Oktyabrsky close to Khibiny Mountains. We can have sauna and overnight in or beside our lumberjack guesthouse "Yolki Palki". Possibility for electricity and water supply.

Day 8, 09.07.2017, Sunday: Day of rest. Checking vehicle and equipment. Or excursion to the rests of a Stalinist camp (Gulag). We drive a muddy road with a lot of water pools to the rests of a Stalinist labour camp (20km). 

Day 9, 10.07.2017, Monday: Oktyabrsky – Khibiny Tundra (60 km – 6h). After breakfast we drive to Kirovsk city for shopping. We can have lunch in a café. Then we continue off-road to a valley in the centre of the Khibiny Mountains. Stay the night close to a beautiful waterfall in wilderness (no facilities).

Day 10, 11.07.2017, Tuesday: Stay in Khibiny Tundra. We leave our cars and go for a hiking tour to the Risschor Valley. This valley is an old glacier. From here you have a beautiful view on Lovozero Tundra and Umbozero lake. In the valley posibillity to find minerals like Evdialite and Astrophilite. Overnight close to the waterfall (no facilities).

Day 11, 12.07.2017, Wednesday: Khibiny – Khibiny lake area (15 km – 1h) Drive to a beautiful lake area. Stay the night in on the shore of the lake. Muddy orest roads and "lake-crossings".

Day 12, 13.07.2017, Thursday: Stay in Khibiny lake area. Explore the nature by foot, fishing in the river nearby, making campfires, boating (if you have), swimming…. Overnight on the shore of the lake (no facilities).

Day 13, 14.07.2017, Friday: Khibiny lake area – Monchegorsk (140 km – 4h). We go back to civilisation. First we drive off-road back to Kirovsk and onwards (paved roads) to Monchegorsk. Three blue lakes almost divide the city in islands. Stay on the parking on the beautiful shore of Imandra Lake 12 km out of Monchegorsk city. Possibility for electricity, water and sewing system for draining toilets.

Day 14, 15.07.2017, Saturday: Monchegorsk – Huskyfarm (100 km – 2h). Drive to a Siberian Husky farm which is located in a forest of Lovozero area – place of living for Saami people on Kola Peninsula. The host shows you the husky farm during a 4 hour program. Stay the night at the farm. Possibility for electricity and water.

Day 15, 16.07.2017, Sunday: Huskyfarm – Via Revda to a Saami Settlement (70km – 6h). After breakfast drive to one of the mountain summits of Lovozero Mountains (1.106 m) with steep walls of 200 m and with beautiful view on the Kola Peninsula. Lunch on the way. From Lovozero tundra we drive to a Saami Settlement where we stay the night. Possibility for sauna, electricity and water. Also possibility to sleep in a "Kuvaksa" (saami tent) on reindeer fur around the fire OR in a room of the cosy guesthouse.

Day 16, 17.07.2017, Monday: Saami Settlement – Murmansk (160 km – 3h). Excursion in the Saami Settlement. Continue to drive to Murmansk city. Stay beside Murmansk city on a top of hill at the parking of a hotel. The hotel has a swimming pool, delicious restaurant and a beautiful view on Murmansk city.

Day 17, 18.07.2017, Tuesday: Sightseeing Murmansk. You can explore the city on your own following the route maps and descriptions from us. Or you can take optional guided excursions.

Day 18, 19.07.2017, Wednesday: Murmansk – Teriberka (120km – 2h). After breakfast drive to Teriberka village and the Barents sea shore. We stay the night on the shore of a lake (no facilities).

Day 19, 20.07.2017, Thursday: Teriberka – Russ/Norw. Border (370km – 6h). Time to say farewell to Russia. From Teriberka village drive back to Murmansk and continue to Norway. Cross border at Borisoglebsky/Kirkenes.

You are free to choose the days for joining in this tour. You can even drive another route and join on the off-road days and after that you can go your own way again. We can help you with planning the route. Just contact us.

4x4 Camper/truck tour on Kola Peninsula in July details

  • 19 nights on camp sites and in wilderness
Level:not applicable.
Group size:From 1 camper
Duration:19 days on Russian Territory
Dates: [modules-new/ktor21-dates.htm]
Price: [modules-new/ktor21-prices.htm]
Price includes:
  • Visa invitation
  • Mentioned accommodations
  • Detailed roadbook with routes (with gps-coordinates), information, and city maps
  • Service of guide/translator (English) with 4x4-truck for off-road part on Kola Peninsula on day 2 until 14
  • Migration card registration
This 4x4 Camper/truck off-road tour can be extended with the following optionals:
  • Kandalaksha:
    • Boat excursion to "Babylon Labyrinth", a stone structure of archaeological interest
    • Traditional shashlyk meal
  • Umba Pomor village:
    • Breakfasts, lunches and dinners in guesthouse.
    • Sauna for groups in guesthouse.
    • Excursion in Museum of History and work shops in Umba village for groups up to 10 persons.
    • Entrance ticket to the Museum of History.
    • Folk concert of local sea dwellers for groups.
    • Permit for visiting Umba village.
    • A full day Atlantic salmon fishing at professional fishing camp: Umba Lodge. Includes guide service, lunch and dinner.
  • [modules-new/optional_lodochny.php]
  • Varzuga village:
    • Hospitality in guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and overnight.
    • Sauna for groups in guesthouse.
    • To visit the wooden Uspenkaya Church dated from 1674.
    • A hike to the Holy springs in the forest behind Varzuga village (4 km). A local guide to show way to the Springs.
    • Possibility to go salmon fishing in Varzuga river on your own. A ferryman can bring you to a good fishing spot.
    • Fishing license “Catch – Release”.
    • Rental fishing equipment.
    • Possibility to go professional salmon fishing at sport fishing camp: Sobachy Porog. A full day fishing with guide service incl. lunch and dinner.
  • Monchegorsk:
    • Entrance tickets museums: approx. 50 roubles per person
    • 2 hour yacht excursion on the biggest lake of Kola peninsula named Imandra. Up to 8 persons.
    • One day hiking tour to the waterfall Devichyi Kosi (Girl's plaits) in Monche Tundra with campfire lunch.
    • One day bicycling tour in hilly area with campfire lunch.
    • Karting centre in Monchegorsk.
    • Cross-country skiing in Monchegorsk suburbs (winter).
    • Skating in Ice stadion in Monchegorsk (winter).
    • See link above for more info.
  • Murmansk:
    • Guided excursions in Murmansk.
    • Tickets for museums and museum excursions cost between RUB 25,-- and RUB 400,-- per person.
    • Entrance ticket to Atomic Icebreaker to join an excursion in Russian language: RUR 150 pp. Individual excursion to Atomic Icebreaker with a lecture in English language can be arranged.
    • Trip to Saami settlement.
    • Trip to the Barents sea shore.
    • Trip to Husky Farm.
    • Trip to Lovozero village: price depends on group size
    • Rent a car from Kola Travel and get the best rate, quality and service!
      Read more >> >> Rent-a-car
    • Trip to Lovozero village; Capital of the Saami.
    • See link above for more info.

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